Dining at Lake Weissensee

Local cuisine and Alpe Adria cuisine in Carinthia, Austria

Good food is very important in the Weissensee Nature Park. You can look forward to many delicious highlights:

Tasty holidays at the lake

Learn about cuisine at Lake Weissensee on our "gourmet tour of the Weissensee Nature Park". Hike quietly and mindfully with a wildlife behaviour expert through the soft, moss-covered forest on a habitat tour. Observe the Weissensee Nature Park with your guide. Experience nature up close and taste the famous Lake Weissensee fish on our pleasure craft.

Breakfast at the lake

The "Weissensee breakfast float" is a truly special experience. Enjoy local breakfast treats on a morning ride on the lake - what a unique way to start your day at the lake! Dates: end of June to mid-September, every 14 days. Make reservations at the Weissensee Information Office. Email: info@weissensee.com or phone: +43 (0)4713-2220

Weissensee Cocktail Days

The Weissensee Cocktail Days take place from 3 to 5 June on Lake Weissensee. Find more information by visiting www.weissenseekulinarik.at.

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Breakfast Cruise Aufwart'n on Lake Weissensee Cocktail Days