A variety of cocktails at Lake Weissensee

Cool drinks at Carinthia's Lake Weissensee

On Corpus Christi weekend, cocktails are the central focus at Lake Weissensee. From Thursday 10 June to Saturday 12 June 2020, we mix, shake and stir things up at the lake.

Cocktails at the weekly market in Weissensee

Each Thursday in summer, many local makers of agricultural products and crafts sell their goods in front of the "Weissensee Haus". On 10 June, the market gets an extra colourful kick with a visit by bartenders who mix up summery drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Dinner with cocktail pairing

Perfectly coordinated dinner menus with matching cocktails are served on 11 June in nine Weissensee Cocktail Days partner hotels. A lovely selection of schnapps, fresh produce from the region and local herbs are used behind the bar and served alongside delicious dishes.

Sip cocktails at the lake

On Saturday 12 June the jetty in Techendorf is the main meeting point of the Weissensee Cocktail Days. There, the Lake Weissensee wooden raft and the impressive "Alpenperle" ship anchor from 6:00 pm to midnight. Both the raft and the ship will stay docked for the evening so you can board or leave at any time.

A small electric raft casts off again and again for a cruise across the lake. Bar pros are also on hand with plenty of knowledge about bars, drinks and spirits.

Here you can found more information about dining at Lake Weissensee.