"Aufwart’n on Lake Weissensee" Culinary Event

Local cuisine and Alpe-Adria cuisine in Carinthia, Austria

At Lake Weissensee, "Aufwårt’n" is an old term for "serving food". At these special "Aufwårt’n" events, caterers and farmers from Lake Weissensee invite you to enjoy a very special start to spring at the lake from 17 May to 24 May 2020.

Nature is gourmet cuisine’s playground - could it be anything else at Lake Weissensee!? In addition to the careful selection of ingredients that put a special focus on regionalism, the venues of these events play an important role.

"Aufwårt'n at the Alp"

On Wednesday, 20 May, you can convince yourself first-hand that food at alpine huts tastes particularly good in airy heights. Guest chefs from Lake Weissensee prepare a seasonally inspired feast on the "Alm hinterm Brunn" (alpine hut), accompanied by delicious beers and juices from the region. Finally, Michael Lilg, a part-time distiller from Neusach, will pour a glass of high-proof liquor before it goes go back to the valley.

For the comfortable arrival and departure a taxi shuttle is available at the Weissensee Haus in Techendorf at 6.00 pm for € 10.00 per person. The ascent from Neusach takes about an hour on foot.

"Aufwårt'n at the Lake"

Get on board, get started and dine on gourmet level - this can be done on Friday, 22 May on board of Austria's only hybrid ship, the MS Alpenperle. For this exraordinary culinary event, local hero Hannes Müller from the gourmet hotel "Die Forelle", once again brings a couple of chefs from the high-class gastronomy scene to Lake Weissensee.

Each cook will prepare one course. Those courses are accompanied by fine white and red wines from Austria and the incomparable evening atmosphere and soothing peace of the Weissensee valley.

"Aufwårt'n in the Kitchen"

"Back to our roots" is the motto on Saturday. This motto refers to the dining rooms and kitchens of old farms of Lake Weissensee. Tasting the opulent flavours of the local and almost forgotten authentic home cooking is definitely one of the annual highlights of the Aufwårt'n. You're not only allowed to peek over the chef's shoulder - you are encouraged to!

Five old farms from Techendorf can be visited, in which traditional dishes are served by the hosts. Either you pay a fixed rate for all farms in advance or you pay per visit directly on site. The way from one farm kitchen to the next is best done on foot, as this year's farms are practically very close together.

"Aufwårt'n at Mödens Bad"

The grand finale of the Aufwårt'n 2020 will take place on Sunday, 24 May, at the Möden's Strandbad at free admission. In addition to an all-round culinary service from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with cold and hot meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as well as a café and cake, the programme includes small attractions for children and a welcoming "street of culinary delights" for adults.

It will be a culinary feast for the whole family. Only the weather could put a spoke in the wheel. Due to the exposed outdoor location, the grand finale on Sunday would unfortunately have to be cancelled in the event of continuous rainfall, which we do not want to assume at this point of time.

Register with the Weissensee Information office by calling +43 4713 2220 or by sending an email to info@weissensee.com

Find more details and prices by visiting www.weissenseekulinarik.at
These events can be booked separately or as a gourmet package.