Family Holidays at Lake Weissensee

Austria holidays with the whole family

Summer holidays at the lake in Austria

We have a special kids programme in store for your family holidays. Let’s explore the area around Lake Weissensee together! Our Nature Park Ranger Programme is full of unforgettable adventures for your summer holiday in Carinthia. While parents are enjoying their time together, kids can let off some steam with plenty of sports and activities. The lake and its surroundings offer:

  • Stand-up paddle boarding for kids
  • Adventure trekking tour with small animals
  • Family-friendly themed hikes
  • Weissensee children’s Olympics
  • Magic shows at the Kasperltheater
  • Kids’ afternoons at the farm
  • Family fish watching with ranger Robert Röbl
  • Pony riding with fun

Complete and total freedom is always included on holidays here...

Winter holidays with kids in Carinthia, Austria

Things are quite idyllic on the easy and intermediate slopes of the Weissensee family ski area. The Weissensee Kids’ Ski World with kids ski school is a huge hit with children. Winter fun and adventures on the slopes during your family holiday are a given, and the ski instructors at the Weissensee ski school are happy to help you practice your plough turns.

And what can you do after skiing? Each winter, Lake Weissensee in Carinthia, Austria, transforms into the largest constantly-frozen natural ice surface in Europe! The ice is up to 40 cm thick. Go ice skating, play ice hockey or just mess about on the completely slick, 5- to 25-kilometre-long ice skating areas. Ice skating and speed skating lessons are also offered for especially competitive visitors.
Or perhaps you’d like to go sledging? That’s no problem at Lake Weissensee! The 4-kilometre-long natural sledging hill runs from the Naggler Alm alp into the valley. A yodel and tobogganing session is held at the alp every Wednesday. Yodel master Helmut teaches participants the Weissensee yodel before everyone zips down the hill on their sledge.

Look forward to the following on your winter family holiday:

  • Family-friendly ski area and Weissensee Kids’ Ski World
  • Ski school for children
  • Free ski shuttle