Welcome to Lake Weissensee

Looking forward to a sustainable holiday in Austria?

Holidays at Carinthia’s cleanest lake

Rest and relax in the Lake Weissensee therapeutic climate at the foot of the Gailtal Alps. This region was recently awarded the "European Prize for Tourism and the Environment" and declared a Nature Park. Weissensee is also a member of the Alpine Pearls group and as such is a special insider tip for nature lovers.

"Active summers in our therapeutic climate" & "gentle winter tourism"are the philosophies of the Weissensee region in south-west Carinthia, Austria. Here you will experience summer and winter holidays with an incredibly wide range of things to enjoy.

Winter holidays in Carinthia, Austria

In winter, the 6.5 km² lake becomes the largest natural ice surface in Europe. The ice is regularly prepared by specialists, making it a great place for all types of sports including ice skating, ice hockey oder Eistauchen. Many divers brave the frozen Lake Weissensee each winter and get hooked by the unique experience of scuba diving under the ice. Many ice diving world records have been set in Lake Weissensee. Trails that wind through the snowy winter wonderland invite you to go winter hiking or take a sleigh ride. Active holidaymakers can explore the nature around Lake Weissensee while cross-county skiing or on a ride with a fatbike. You will find plenty of fun on your family holiday with kids at our small family ski area with ski school and ski hire. The Weissensee Kids’ Ski World features family-friendly ski slopes and the charm of an easy-going ski area.

Holidays at a lake with water so clean you can drink it

The cleanest lake in the Austrian province of Carinthia guarantees swimming and fun in the water for visitors of all ages. Swim in the lake’s incredibly clean and warm (up to 25°C) water - every host here offers their guests free lake access located just outside your front door or a few minutes’ walk away. But you can do much more than just swimming and splashing around - the crystal-clear water of this fjord-like lake is perfect for diving, cliff jumping, water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, sailing, canoeing, SUP and fishing.

Look forward to the following during your holiday at the lake:

  • All tourist accommodations have their own free beach access
  • Drinking water quality, temperature up to 25° C
  • More than 2,000 hours of sunshine
  • Excellent location on the southern side of the Alps

The lakeshore is practically undeveloped and offers a special type of holiday landscape surrounded by nature.

You will find plenty of information about the many kinds of activities to enjoy at lake Weissensee in Carinthia, Austria on this website. And of course the perfect place to stay. Hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, inns, private rooms, farmhouses, holiday flats, holiday homes and camping grounds look forward to your visit. Many of them are also "Erlebnispass mobil+" partners with attractive mobility offers included.

Stockenboi township on Lake Weissensee

The eastern shore of Lake Weissensee is where you will find the Stockenboi township’s bathing beach, a place where your entire family can have fun and relax. The turquoise-blue water is perfect for swimming, scuba diving, surfing, sailing, surfbiking and waterbiking. Anyone who is curious to see what goes on under the surface can go scuba diving or take scuba lessons. The beach is a destination for visitors young and old - kids will find a water trampoline and playground with many exciting things to do.

A natural beach with shallow water, a large lawn for sunbathing, a beach volleyball court, store and restaurant round out your experience. You’ll also find a one-of-a-kind larch wood changing area.

Natural monuments

The Stockenboi area is also home to an approximately 40-centimetre-long fish fossil, which was declared a natural monument in 1980 due to its scientific value. This fossil from the genus Lepidus is estimated to be around 200 million years old!

Cultural monuments

  • Evangelical Zlan church - built in 1804/1805, tower from 1950; post-rococo
  • Catholic Parish Church in Stockenboi, dedicated to St Nicholas; first mentioned in 1499, consecrated in 1513; Gothic (later redesigned in Baroque style) village church
  • Tragail Church - dedicated to St Mary Magdalene; first mentioned in 1499, this is a small Romanesque church at its core
  • Chapel at the Kapeller in Unteralm