Sleigh Rides on Lake Weissensee

Enjoy the romantic winter wonderland

Powerful horses pull your sleigh as you glide through the beautiful winter landscape of the snowy Lake Weissensee region. Soak up the quiet as you hear only the muffled sounds of horseshoes on snow and the snorts and huffs of the horses. Enjoy the ice-cold, clear winter air with all of your senses. Wrapped tightly in a warm blanket, your winter sleigh ride will certainly be one of the most memorable moments on your holiday in Carinthia, Austria. Enjoy your ride with a special someone, a group or with your family!

Local sleigh ride companies will be happy to give you more information about prices and reservation:


Register with:

Johann Walker, Gästehaus & Reiterhof Nemast
Techendorf 3, +43  4713-2371
+43  664-73829744


Helmut Winkler, Pfeiferhof
Oberdorf 4, +43 4713-2274
+43  676-6083045


Winter Horseback rides at Lake Weissensee

The horse farm offers a varied offer for beginners and advanced riders, like riding lessons and pony rides for children in the ridingground with lakeview.

For experienced riders the horse farm offers also rides across the winter landscape in a guided group of max. 4 riders.


Anna-Lena Rupitsch, Pferdehof Rupitsch
Neusach 87, +43 664 1619933