Ice Diving on Lake Weissensee

Explore the fascinating underwater world even in winter

In winter, Lake Weissensee is home to Europe’s largest prepared and constantly frozen natural ice surface, meaning it is practically made for ice diving, one of the most exciting and most adventurous diving disciplines.

As soon as the sheet of ice on the west shore of Lake Weissensee closes (mid- to late December) you can whisk yourself away to an unbelievably beautiful underwater world below the ice. Go ice diving, take lessons, and train to become an instructor anytime - during the week as well as at weekends when you register in advance. The ice diving season lasts until the beginning of March. Each season, our ice diving instructors rack up 100 dives under the ice and the adventure never ceases to amaze - this is something we can promise! Our ice diving base and equipment storage are insulated and heated.

The ice grows continuously and can become 40 cm or more thick.

The water under the ice is crystal-clear and boasts incredible visibility of up to 30 metres as fine particles sink due to the covered sheet of ice. The sun that shines through the ice refracts and creates fascinating optical phenomena in the clear water. With a little bit of luck, you will even encounter a clear sheet of ice - so you can watch ice skaters and people strolling overhead.

Ice diving in Lake Weissensee

Diving Weissensee's speciality in winter is ice diving in Stockenboi. Furthermore it has many years of experience in this sport. Every year we organise legendary ice diving weekends that have become very popular among divers. Because of the great demand, we advise registering at least 10 months in advance. We also hold special ice diving training for beginners.