Ice Skating Outdoors at Lake Weissensee

Sports on the ice in Carinthia, Austria

Lake Weissensee in Carinthia is home to a one-of-a-kind experience on the ice. The 6.5 km² Lake Weissensee is the largest continuously frozen and prepared natural ice surface in Europe.

"The lake freezes on St Catherine’s Day" is the old adage that holds true every year. Right on time for St Catherine’s Day on 25 November, a thin layer of ice begins to form on the small western part of Lake Weissensee. From the middle of December until the beginning of March, it is not only ice skaters, but also horse drawn sleighs and winter hikers, who enjoy beautiful surroundings on the up-to-40-centimetre-thick sheet of ice.

Ice master Norbert Jank and his team take care of the 25 km of circular ice tracks, Bavarian curling areas and ice hockey rinks, as well as the 400 m speed skating track.

Ice rink contribution

To use the ice rinks and cross-country ski trails, visitors aged 10 and older are asked for a contribution of € 7 for a day pass. Passes can be purchased in the Weissensee Information Office, the municipal office, many marked restaurants at the lake, and from ice and trail attendants.

For overnight guests the use of the ice rink costs € 5,- per day if they buy the ticket in their own accommodation, otherwise € 7,-. Excluded are guests of PremiumCard establishments. For these guests the use of the ice rink and cross-country skiing tracks is free of charge.

Ice skating on Lake Weissensee

The goal of the Weissensee ice skating schools is to make learning fun and safe on the natural ice. Athletic ice skaters can improve their technique under the guidance of the school’s ice skating coaches.

Outdoor ice skating school Weissensee, phone: +43(0)676 717 17 78

Ice skating school Schwarzenbacher, phone: +43(0)664 131 55 33

Lake Weissensee is well-known well across the borders of Carinthia and even Austria for international ice events.

Get more out of your ice skating holiday

Ice skating holidays at Lake Weissensee in Carinthia are simply great because guests can look forward to many extras.

Get more on your holiday:

  • Up to 25 km of circular skating tracks
  • 400 m track for speed skaters
  • Ice skating rinks and Bavarian curling areas
  • Pond hockey rinks and ice hockey rinks
  • Equipment hire in the village
  • Ice skating and speed skating lessons