Speed Skating on Lake Weissensee

Zip across the ice in Carinthia, Austria

Speed skating is a fascinating and very popular sport that is practiced each year on Lake Weissensee.

On Europe’s largest prepared natural ice surface, speed skaters, visitors looking for a leisurely skate with their kids, and pond hockey players zip around on the ice - there are specially designated areas for each of these activities.

The Weissensee Nature Park is a winter sports destination in Carinthia, Austria, where you can combine many different types of sports on your visit. The shore of Lake Weissensee features connections to wonderful cross-country skiing trails, and our region has great panorama snowshoe trails and a small family ski resort for when you want to hit the slopes. Plus, we have a great new range of Fatbike programmes for winter biking on the snow and ice.

In addition to leisurely holidays, competitions for international amateur and professional athletes are held here each year.

  • Alternative dutch 11-City Tour from 16 January to 30 January 2021 / Canceled due to Covid-19! 

Skaters cover distances of 100, and 200 kilometres on the frozen lake. The world’s largest ice sports spectacle with 3,000 active participants is an unforgettable event for everyone. Amateurs and pros alike take part in these speed skating competitions. Elite athletes from the world of speed skating meet here and skate to victory on the Alternative Dutch 11-City Tour. The current world record over 200 km on natural ice was set on Lake Weissensee - an incredible 5 hours and 11 minutes.

Plus, Dutch Speed Skating Championships and several speed skating criteria tests for professionals take place here. The highlight is the 200 km speed skating marathon by the pros.

Here you will find the program of alternatives Dutch 11-city tour 2020.

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