Winter holidays at Lake Weissensee

The beautiful setting of the Weissensee Nature Park

At Lake Weissensee, situated at 930-2,200 metres above sea level in the Gailtal Alps, life is more thrilling; a bit more peaceful; and definitely more enjoyable. It’s not surprising, given that the cleanest swimming lake in the Alps is also known as “nature’s playground”. Here, conditions were created by nature that benefit everyone.

In winter, the Weissensee Nature Park becomes the largest frozen ice surface in Europe. Enjoy a quiet winter in the family-friendly ski resort, on a cross-country ski tour through pristine nature, or on a winter hike through the sparking snow-covered landscape.

Stay at accommodation where you will be warmly welcomed and enjoy delicious food from the Nature Park. You can expect no frills, but plenty of authenticity. This is pure enjoyment you will taste. We champion gentle tourism and resource-conserving recreational activities, and have been awarded the “European Prize for Tourism and the Environment”, the “European Village Renewal Prize” and the “2014 Nature Park of the Year” award. We are also a member of the “Alpine Pearls” group.

Stargazing in the Weissensee Nature Park

People have always been fascinated by the starry night sky. In the Nature Park region, you can see the stars especially well because there are not many artificial lights. Take a full moon or new moon hike with a trained Nature Park ranger and see how impressive the power of nature can truly be. After your hike, you will stop by the Naggler Alm for a delicious meal. More Information.

Torch-lit hikes in a world of ice

What do fish, frogs, snakes and the tiniest residents of Lake Weissensee do in winter? With a torch in hand, join a Nature Park ranger on a hike across the frozen ice in the Weissensee Nature Park, all the way to the Tschatscheleria. Learn interesting things about the ice and its influence on the fish and small animals during the cold months of the year.
After lighting a bonfire, you can wrap dough around our homemade skewers and grill them over the open fire while enjoying everyone’s company.

Winter hike – tracks & trails of wild animals

Snowshoe hike. In case there’s no snow, the hike takes place with mountain boots and light crampons.

We start from lake Weissensee cable car to Naggler Alm. The hike leads us along an easy panoramic trail with great view to the surrounding mountains. Along the hike across the snowy landscape we can explore the different tracks and trails. With our nature park rangers, we look for trails and feeding traces, we learn how to interpret and read these tracks. Resting possibility on our way back at Naggler Alm.

Ranger on site – Galileo on the ice

At the mobile nature park information point on the ice the nature park rangers invite to thrilling experiments. We explore many natural phenomena and examine plants and animals of the nature park under the microscope.

Moreover, you’ll get to know interesting facts on the ice, influences on our fish species and microorganisms in the cold season. Our experienced rangers will assist you in your eagerness to experiment.