Pond Hockey on Lake Weissensee

Play hockey on natural outdoor ice

Ice hockey is one of the fastest sports in the world. With the right technique, the small rubber puck up can travel up to 170 km/h! The team that scores the most points by shooting the puck into their opponent’s net wins.

When played on a natural frozen body of water, this sport is known as pond hockey. The ice hockey we know today actually has its roots in pond hockey. Several rinks are created on Lake Weissensee and small and large nets are available near the shore and in the middle of the lake. Many players enjoy this sport on Europe’s largest body of natural ice. And many competitions are held on Lake Weissensee.

  • Under water ice hockey championships
  • Erste Bank Ice Hockey League Pond Hockey Tournament

Pond hockey equipment such as skates, sticks and pucks can be hired from local sports stores.

Now nothing stands between you and a game of pond hockey on your family holiday at Lake Weissensee in Carinthia, Austria. If you prefer things to be a bit more leisurely, there are plenty of other fun winter activities for you to enjoy here, too.