Slow Food Travel. Enjoyment. Tradition.

What makes the Lake Weissensee cuisine so special is the combination of traditional regional dishes, extraordinary locations and the Mediterranean Alpe-Adria culinary tradition, which complement each other to create a unique Slow Food Travel destination.


At Lake Weissensee, cooking is enjoyed with love and passion! The tasty ingredients: traditional and regional foods, original recipes and authentic taste experiences.

Look forward to variety on your plate and treat your palate to something special:


  • at the lakeside restaurants
  • on the serviced alpine pastures
  • at culinary events
  • at inns
  • at international restaurants
  • in cool bars
  • ... and much more!


First Slow Food Travel Destination

It's not just the restaurants that turn your holiday at Lake Weissensee into a tasty experience. Most important is what is served on your plate. As the world’s first Slow Food Travel destination, Lake Weissensee puts special emphasis on the selection of food and its preparation. Instead of fast-food chains, there are regional delicacies and local highlights such as Weissensee fish. Culinary delights are part of the idyllic and invigorating holiday recipe. There is something for every taste at Lake Weissensee.

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