For generations, the innkeepers of the alpine huts at Lake Weissensee have been treating their guests to regional hut cuisine. Take the opportunity to experience traditional dishes in an incomparable ambience.

Alpine pasture experiences

Depending on how you want to set out on your tour to the alpine pasture experience, it will either take only a few minutes by lift or a leisurely hiking tour lasting several hours. 

In the north, south, east and west of Lake Weissensee there are traditional alpine pastures, some of which have been farmed for centuries. And every alpine pasture has its own charm. Take a look over the dairy farmer's shoulder at the alpine cheese dairy or enjoy the stunning view with homemade blackberry pancakes: the alpine pastures at Lake Weissensee are always worth a visit!

Location & Journey

The vacation destination Weissensee is located in the southwest of Carinthia in Austria.

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