A winter holiday at Lake Weissensee is as diverse as the natural landscape that surrounds it. ICE WORLD stands for extraordinary experiences on the largest groomed natural sheet of ice in Europe.  

Unique natural ice

The sheet of ice that covers the entire Lake Weissensee in winter can be up to 40 centimetres thick. Towards the end of November, a thin sheet of ice begins to form on the small western part of Lake Weissensee and continues to spread. From mid-December to the beginning of March, the ice surface provides the setting for all kinds of activities:

Impressive variety

The massive dimensions of the ice rink are a unique sight and, together with the surrounding mountains, create an atmosphere you won't find anywhere else. Explore the 25 kilometres of skating rinks, the 400-metre speed skating rink, one of the many ice hockey and ice stock sport rinks, or simply take in the impressions during a quiet stroll along the lake. With a total area of 6.5 km², you will find enough space to pursue your favourite activities in a relaxed way.  

An ice master and his team take care of the ice surface day and night, so that you can glide along on perfectly groomed tracks.



Ice hockey on the lake, fishing through a hole in the ice or diving in icy water: a winter holiday at Lake Weissensee offers much more than the classic winter sports programme. Take the opportunity to try or discover new things and just enjoy the fun. Who knows, maybe your next favourite hobby is hiding behind one or the other activity?

A real family paradise

ICE WORLD is the hub for your family winter holiday at Lake Weissensee. The possible combinations ensure that it never gets boring on the ice. The activities on the lake alone offer a multi-day programme for everyone, and you can complement them with downhill runs in the local ski resort just as you like.

The short distances make it easy for families to plan spontaneously on site and according to the weather.

Look forward to an uncomplicated time-out with lots of outdoor fun for the whole family!

Support contribution for ice rinks & cross-country ski tracks

For the use of the ice rinks, day guests over the age of twelve are charged a support contribution of € 8.00 for the day wristband. The support wristbands are available at the Weissensee Information, from the municipality and from the ice and cross-country ski track butlers.

Guests of PremiumCard establishments are excluded as they can use the ice rink and cross-country ski tracks free of charge.

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The vacation destination Weissensee is located in the southwest of Carinthia in Austria.

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