Lake Weissensee is blessed with power-providing places that are perfect for sitting back, simply enjoying or even thinking out loud.


A symbol of peace and global solidarity by nature-loving artist Hannes Angerbauer-Goldhoff.

The golden stone for sitting down with a stunning view invites you to stay a while and is located on one of the most defined landscape features between Techendorf and Naggl. Thanks to the annual maintenance mowing, the golden symbol of joy is one of the scenic jewels at Lake Weissensee.


“The power spots at Lake Weissensee are gifts of nature."


The Church of Hope is a place where all people and religions are welcome. Jesus stands on his tombstone in the Church of Hope and receives the divine with his left hand and the material with his feet. He unites both in the Spirit and gives hope and love through his lips and right hand.
The use of the Church of Hope for celebrations and events is based on donations. The donations go to the association for the maintenance and care of the Church of Hope and the Garden of Welcome. So that the place itself can develop out of its own energy.

Other power spots at Lake Weissensee

Rothn‘s Bichl
Power spot under the chestnut tree. Relax on wonderful wooden loungers and unwind in nature's "living room".

Bench at the Erlebnisbauernhof Tschabitscher adventure farm
The bench at the farm reveals an elevated view of the Drava Valley and invites you to stay a while.

Mühlbichl vantage point
To get to the Mühlbichl, turn off in front of the petrol station in Praditz in direction of Tschabitscher. Great vistas across the lake & slowing down are guaranteed.  

Nature's Playground on the Naggler Alm  
On the Naggler Alm (1,400 m) you will encounter highlights such as the "Nemast's Kopf" with panoramic spyglasses, the "Drachsel-Bildstöckl" wayside shrine, the EU monument "Signpost to Tomorrow" as well as magnificent panoramic views of the eastern shore.

Above Neusach, via trail No. 9, you reach the Auerkopf after about two hours of ascent. An insider tip and a special power spot at 1,636 m, with magnificent views of the turquoise Lake Weissensee.

Stampfers bench
Via the northern forest path from Techendorf to Neusach, you pass Stampfers Bankl at Stampferhof. From there you can enjoy a great view across the lake, meadows and forests.

Location & Journey

The vacation destination Weissensee is located in the southwest of Carinthia in Austria.

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