If you are looking for extraordinary culinary highlights, then is Lake Weissensee the perfect destination for your holiday.  


Culinary tour in the nature park

Quietly and attentively, you walk with the nature park ranger over soft, moss-covered forest ground during the culinary tour. Together with the ranger you are following tracks in the Weissensee Nature Park. Experience nature up close and enjoy the famous Weissensee fish on the culinary raft on the way back from the hiking tour.

Even more active culinary highlights await you, for example, at the "Aufwårt'n am Weissensee" Culinary Spring, the "Weissensee Cocktail Days" and on the Breakfast Raft for a culinary start to the day. Lake Weissensee offers culinary holidays for all the senses!  

Location & Journey

The vacation destination Weissensee is located in the southwest of Carinthia in Austria.

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