Discover the beautiful underwater world of Lake Weissensee with excellent visibility. Including picturesque flora & fauna, 20 selected dive spots, rental equipment on site and much more.


Lake Weissensee is one of the most beautiful diving areas in the Alps. Visibility of up to 20 metres is not uncommon here. The underwater landscape is diverse and offers variety for beginners and advanced divers alike: from immersed forests  -mystically presented by the sunlight penetrating to a depth of 40 metres, to steeps with deep drops. Thanks to its abundant fish population, encounters with magnificent pike, huge carp, schools of perch, chub, grass carp and many more are not uncommon.


The depths of Lake Weissensee can be explored all year round, because this Carinthian lake turns into a popular spot for ice divers in winter.


20 selected dive spots promise pure variety! These can be approached by catamaran, Zodiac boat or from land (incl. shuttle service). As an advanced diver, you can experience your own personal adventure with an individual electric boat - comfortable and easy! Dry suits, sidemount equipment, scooters and full-face masks as well as 20 complete sets of cold-water diving equipment in mint condition are available from the rental station. The local dive shop stocks products from over 40 manufacturers.


At Lake Weissensee you will find two experienced diving schools that have been looking after newcomers, pros, seniors and children for many years.  

At Tauchsport Yachtdiver you will be looked after by owner Ernest Turnschek, a professional diver for 25 years, and his competent team. The two diving centres are comfortably furnished and equipped with everything you need for your carefree diving holiday at Lake Weissensee. Diving courses start daily and range from introductory diving to special courses and instructor training. The Diving Weissensee diving school is located on the eastern shore of Lake Weissensee. The diving centre has 15 sets of cold-water equipment and four boats, which are used twice a day to go directly from the centre to the best spots on the lake. Available are courses from beginner to professional. Both schools teach according to the world-renowned training organisations PADI and SSI; at Tauchsport Yachtdiver also according to ProTec, RSTC and CMAS International standards.

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The vacation destination Weissensee is located in the southwest of Carinthia in Austria.

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