Ice skating at Lake Weissensee is one of the absolute winter highlights in Carinthia. With 6.5 km², Europe's largest groomed sheet of natural ice attracts ice sports enthusiasts and leisure skaters from near and far.

Skating on natural ice in Carinthia

It's an experience you won't find anywhere else in Europe. The frozen Lake Weissensee, with a 40 cm thick sheet of ice that stretches nearly to the horizon, offers an almost boundless playground for ice skaters. Surrounded by the wintry mountain panorama, persevering skaters will find an extraordinary natural landscape on the 25-kilometre-long circular track with fascinating impressions at every step.
If you prefer short distances, a visit to the 400-metre track for speed skaters is a good idea. Either way: a few laps on the ice are always a good idea during your winter holiday at Lake Weissensee!

Ice skating schools at Lake Weissensee

Ensuring perfect conditions on the ice, the ice master and his team do their rounds day and night. Thus, perfect lanes on the ice await you every day of your holiday. It doesn't matter whether you are already experienced or want to learn this elegant winter sport. Because the ice skating schools at Lake Weissensee ensure that beginners can enjoy the sport and advanced skaters can refine their technique.

And while you're at it, why not learn from the best? At international events, such as the Alternative Dutch 11-City Tour, top skaters regularly do their laps around Lake Weissensee. Best to keep right at their heels!

Alternative holländisch 11-Städte-Tour


Balint Kutas Natureislaufschule Weissensee
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SIMPLY ice Skating

Don't feel like taking your own equipment with you on your trip? In winter, the pros at Alpensport offer you two addresses to rent winter sports equipment in an easy way

Alpensport Stammhaus in Techendorf
Thursday - Tuesday 9:00am-1:00pm & 2:00pm-5:00pm
Wednesday closed (except Christmas holidays)

Alpensport Verleihstation Bergbahn
Thursday - Tuesday 9:00am-12:00am & 12:30pm-16:30pm
Wednesday closed (except Christmas holidays)

While ski rental is mainly handled at the lower terminus of the mountain railway, the main shop in Techendorf  invites you to shop at your leisure, take your skis in for servicing and rent ice skating or cross-country skiing equipment.

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Alpensport Weissensee Verleihstation Techendorf
Techendorf 15
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Support contributions for ice rinks

For the use of the ice rinks, day guests over the age of twelve are charged a support contribution of € 8.00 for the day wristband. The support wristbands are available at the Weissensee Information, from the municipality and from the ice butlers.

Guests of PremiumCard establishments are excluded as they can use the ice rink and cross-country ski tracks free of charge.

Location & Journey

The vacation destination Weissensee is located in the southwest of Carinthia in Austria.

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