FISHING IN WINTER when the eastern part of the lake is open

In late winter, Lake Weissensee offers an exceptional opportunity for sport fishermen: on the frozen waters, ice hole fishing becomes a very special experience.

Drilling & fishing

For sport fishermen spending their winter holiday at Lake Weissensee, ice hole fishing adds a rather rare variation to the holiday programme: in late winter, usually at the beginning of March, you can gain experience in ice hole fishing - and soak up the unusual winter atmosphere at the same time. The details on ice fishing:  

  • Day ticket: € 31.00 (plus deposit € 10.00)
  • Fishing permits are available at the Weissensee Information (Mon-Fri 8:30am - 12:30pm and 1:30pm - 5:00pm).
  • The fishing guidelines and minimum sizes are the same as in summer.  
  • The ice holes must be drilled and marked visibly (e.g., spruce branch, wooden board, etc.) by the angler.
  • Entering the lake is at your own risk.

Location & Journey

The vacation destination Weissensee is located in the southwest of Carinthia in Austria.

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